Friday, 21 August 2009


Sometimes our clients wish to update the content on their sites. We can update or develop the site. More complex sites may need a database CMS (Content Management System). For simple text changes there are a client-side solutions such as Adobe's InContext Editing (rumoured to start charging ongoing fees) or Open Source software such as CushyCMS. Whichever is the right tool for the job, everyone wants to avoid compromising the appearance of the site and the client's brand image.

What about the potential of Posts instead?

Twitter is popular but designed for short messages.  We monitored Tweets for some weeks with a tool called Twendz (Exploring Twitter Conversation & Sentiment) we found on Ubercool. The brevity seems to tempt users to more towards reaction rather than reflection. Of course, like the Web itself, the delivery technology does not determine the quality of the content. But then Ubercool is a Blog that includes Tweets. Interesting to see how it develops . . .  What do you think?

A  Blog is a longer-form option and it can provide a good way to for a site to keep its audience informed, advised with both text/images/relevant links. It too encourages book-marking and mail-links that improve the traffic driven to your site. 

We are opting to test the Blog option on ourselves. 

What we will do is introduce our new projects, promote selected links, post some of the things that we are finding inspiring, curious or might even suggest to future clients something they hadn't thought of us for. We might even show a little work from our archives if it has a story to it.

Your feedback, opinions and enquiries are very welcome.

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